Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

Which of the following senses is best described as a chemical sense?

Taste receptors are located:

The cocktail party effect provides an example of:

Which cells are located closest to the back of the retina?

Loudness is to amplitude as pitch is to:

The detection and encoding of stimulus energies by the nervous system is called:

Cones are to vision as ________ are to audition.

The opponent-process theory is to our sense of color as the gate-control theory is to our sense of:

Many hard-of-hearing people like sound compressed because they are still sensitive to ________ sounds.

Of the four distinct skin senses, specialized receptor cells have been identified for the sense of:

The olfactory cortex is located within the:

The volley principle is most directly relevant to our perception of:

Which of the following pain control techniques is emphasized in the Lamaze method of childbirth training?

Which theory best explains how we perceive low-pitched sounds?

Receptor cells for kinesthesis are located within the:

A bank teller was so distracted by the sight of a bank robber's weapon that she failed to perceive important features of the criminal's physical appearance. This best illustrates:

Sensation is to ________ as perception is to ________.

People's response to subliminal stimulation indicates that:

Which theory emphasizes that personal expectations and motivations influence the level of absolute thresholds?

Place theory suggests that:

The ability to simultaneously process the pitch, loudness, melody, and meaning of a song best illustrates:

Which of the following play the biggest role in our feeling dizzy and unbalanced after a thrilling roller coaster ride?

During a hearing test, many sounds were presented at such a low level of intensity that Mr. Antall could hardly ever detect them. These sounds were below Mr. Antall's:

According to the gate-control theory, a back massage would most likely reduce your physical aches and pains by causing the:

The sense of touch includes the four basic sensations of:

The semicircular canals are most directly relevant to:

After a small section of his basilar membrane was damaged, Jason experienced a noticeable loss of hearing for high-pitched sounds only. Jason's hearing loss is best explained by the ________ theory.

The fact that people who are colorblind to red and green may still see yellow is most easily explained by:

Accommodation refers to the:

Sensory adaptation refers to:

Our sense of the position and movement of individual body parts is called:

When looking at the hands of a clock signifying 8 o'clock, certain brain cells in the visual cortex are more responsive than if the hands signify 10 o'clock. This is most indicative of:

The blind spot is located in the area of the retina:

A time lag between left and right auditory stimulation is important for accurately:

Intensity is to brightness as wavelength is to:

If a partially deaf person's hearing ability ________, his or her absolute threshold for sound ________.

During the months when there is a large amount of pollen in the air, your hay fever severely affects your sense of smell. At the same time your food all seems to taste the same. This illustrates the importance of:

Evidence that some cones are especially sensitive to red light, others to green light, and still others to blue light is most directly supportive of the ________ theory.

The cochlea is a:

Red light is to blue light as ________ sounds are to ________ sounds.

News about the supposed effects of briefly presented messages on moviegoers' consumption of popcorn and Coca-Cola involved false claims regarding:

Pleasant memories are most likely to be evoked by exposure to:

Weber's law is to difference thresholds as the opponent-process theory is to:

Damage to the fovea would probably have the least effect on visual sensitivity to ________ stimuli.

The local fire department sounds the 12 o'clock whistle. The process by which your ears convert the sound waves from the siren into neural impulses is an example of:

When most people stare first at a blue circle and then shift their eyes to a white surface, the afterimage of the circle appears:

Which process allows more light to reach the periphery of the retina?

Giulio's bag of marbles is twice as heavy as Jim's. If it takes 5 extra marbles to make Jim's bag feel heavier, it will take 10 extra marbles to make Giulio's bag feel heavier. This best illustrates:

The basilar membrane is lined with:

Which receptor cells most directly enable us to distinguish different wavelengths of light?