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Examine one interaction between cognition and physiology in terms of behavior

Cognition is any learning process that occurs.  The cognitive process that we will use is memory.  So how does memory interact with our physiology (brain, neurotransmitters or hormones).

Example 1: HM Case Study

Study to use: Scoville and Milner (1957)

Example 2: The case study of Clive Wearing


·         Suffered damage in Hippocampus due to a contraction of a virus.

·         His disease left him with extensive brain damage (parts of his temporal lobes).

·         Suffers from Retrograde and Anterograde amnesia.

·         MRI scanning show damage to the hippocampus and some of frontal regions.

·         Episodic memory and some of his semantic memory are lost.

·         He can still play piano, conduct music and remember his wife.

·         He still has his implicit memory including his emotional memory for his wife.


·         Ecological validity: High, study of a real life case.

·         Low potential ability to generalize because cases are individual.

·         Ethics: Patient’s name was disclosed under consent.