Alfred Adler

You are all INFERIOR to me!!!

Born: February 7th 1870

Died:  May 28th 1937

Alfred (or Alf as his mother affectionately him) was beat up a lot and made fun of as a kid.  He was not a star athlete and never got the girl, thus he felt pretty crappy about himself.  He really needed a date and figured what better way to meet a girl than become a doctor.  He grew up in Austria, and around the block from him was another doctor who talked a lot about sex who went by the name of Sigmund Freud.

Alf though Freud had some good concepts (like the unconscious) and took some of his buddies better ideas (thus Adler was a neo-Freudian).  However, Alf thought Freud was a "sicko perv" (I am not sure those were his exact words) and thought was too much about sex.  Alf thought that the driving force behind our lives is to feel superior and NOT to feel inferior (thus he coined the phrase inferiority complex).

Alf took his ideas and started the individual school of psychology.  Individual psychology postulates that the overriding motivation in most people is a striving for superiority–i.e. self-realization, completeness, or perfection. Adler’s theory focused on social forces, and his therapy, while still concerned with the analysis of early childhood, was also interested in overcoming the inferiority complex through positive social interaction.  In other words, don’t get beat up so you will feel good about yourself.