Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

Freud's theory was based on the belief that neuroses were caused by

In an institution for delinquent adolescents, a behavioral system has been implemented in which the adolescents earn points for target behaviors like getting up on time, making beds, attending class, etc. They are allowed to exchange their earned points for privileges, activities, etc. This system is called __________ and is based on __________.

Freud considered the distinction between manifest content and latent content essential for

In psychoanalysis, patients avoid talking about certain subjects. This is called

In psychoanalysis, an emotional attachment to the therapist that symbolically represents other important relationships is called

A form of therapy that encourages one to become aware of emotions in the "here and now" and to rebuild thinking, feeling, and acting into connected wholes is

According to Aaron Beck, negative, __________ underlie depression.

__________ is any technique involving surgical alteration of the brain.

A psychoanalyst who believes in the theories of Freud would see psychopathology as caused by

A parent who copes with quarreling among young children by placing them in separate rooms is using

If ignoring causes a child's temper-tantrums to cease, a psychologist would call this effect

When electric shock is used to make the sight and smell of alcohol conditioned stimuli for an aversion response, the electric shock serves as the

Role reversal and the mirror technique are associated with

The prefrontal lobotomy has been replaced by

Virtual reality exposure refers to

Exorcism often involved

In rational-emotive therapy,

The most appropriate use of electroconvulsive therapy is as a

Harriet, a student nurse, was at first extremely uncomfortable at the sight of blood. After a month of experience working in the emergency room, she is no longer upset when confronted with serious injuries. Harriet has undergone

A problem with aversion therapy is

Which is a myth regarding psychotherapy?

When a therapist attempts to see the world through the client's eyes and to feel some part of what he or she is feeling, the therapist is using

Trepanning, one of the more primitive practices involving boring a hole into the skull, was used to

The key aspect of existential therapy is

The owner of a chicken ranch ends a pet dog's habit of stealing and eating eggs by allowing the dog to "find" and eat several eggs laced with Tabasco sauce. The ranch owner's approach is similar to

Freud called which of the following the "royal road to the unconscious"?

Psychoanalysis, desensitization, reality therapy, behavior therapy, and client-centered therapy are all forms of

Which of the following statements regarding the use of drugs for treating schizophrenia is TRUE?

Which of the following is the MOST likely outcome for psychotherapy?

The first true psychotherapy was developed by __________ around the turn of the century to treat cases of __________ .

Traditional psychoanalysis can be objectively criticized as

Which of the following is identified with client-centered therapy?

Major tranquilizers are also known as

The practice of drilling a hole in a person's head to let the evil spirits out is called

Freud called his form of psychotherapy

Unconditional positive regard is part of what therapy?

Humane treatment of the emotionally disturbed was spearheaded by __________, who personally unchained inmates at the Bicétre Asylum.

Psychoanalysis is to insight as behavior therapy is to

Dr. Hochman is a therapist who tries to lend support to clients who are having an emotional crisis and want to solve daily life problems. He most likely practices __________ therapy.

Which of the following promotes mental health?

The behavioral technique that has been most effective in treating depression is

Which form of therapy places responsibility for the course of therapy on the client?

Tardive dyskinesia is a neurological disorder that may be caused by

Which of the following is the most likely consequence of punishment?

In aversion therapy a person __________ to associate a strong aversion with an undesirable habit.

Saying whatever comes to mind, even if it seems senseless, painful, or embarrassing, is part of the Freudian technique known as

The use of classical conditioning to alleviate human problems is called

Ergotism refers to

The disappearance of symptoms due to the mere passage of time is termed

Behavior modification might be considered optimistic because it views mental disorders as

Those who decide that no one will ever love them again because they have been rejected by a "significant other" and are, therefore, unlovable are illustrating

Carena has a bad habit of biting her fingernails and pulling at her cuticles until her fingers bleed and have sores. Her therapist is teaching her how to not bite and pick at her fingernails using various learning principles. Her therapist is using

The basic assumption of behavior therapy is that

Carl Rogers is responsible for

Behavior modification involves

The obvious and visible aspects of a dream comprise its

Cognitive therapists are interested in

According to __________, perception (awareness) becomes disjointed and incomplete in a maladjusted person.

Which of the following psychotherapeutic techniques is most likely to be used by a client-centered therapist?

Freud's method of psychotherapy stressed

Desensitization is primarily used to

Free association is a basic technique in

Your friend Kiki comes to you with a personal problem. The first thing you should do to counsel her is to

The risk-benefit ratio in treating schizophrenia refers to

A verbal interaction between a trained mental health professional and several clients is called

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is most likely to be used, as a last resort, with which type of problem?

A child who has an intense fear of a dog as a result of some traumatic experience in the dog's presence would be a candidate for

The drugs used to control hallucinations and other psychotic symptoms are called

According to __________, each person creates his or her private world by making choices in order to confront and overcome feelings of meaninglessness and isolation.

A therapist guides a client by giving instructions, interpretations, or solutions, and by making decisions. The therapist's approach can be described as __________ therapy.

Humanistic therapies generally emphasize

Freud's theory of dream analysis is based on the assumption that the true meaning of dreams is found in their

Regarding rational-emotive therapy, it can be said that

Frank considers himself to be a total failure and a worthless person because he failed one class. Frank's behavior exemplifies the distortion of thinking behavioral therapists call

A cognitive therapist is concerned primarily with helping clients change their

The therapeutic technique of associating a discomfort with a bad habit is based on which type of conditioning?

Symbolic rewards used to encourage positive changes in behavior are called

If you get praised by your parents for making A's in your college courses, the grades are

A therapeutic technique for psychological disorders that produces seizures, decreased emotional responses, and even stupor as side effects is

In client-centered therapy, the troubled individual is