Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

In bright light, the iris __________ and the pupil __________ to control the amount of light entering the eye.

The pain-killing effects of acupuncture may be related to

Information picked up by the body's receptor cells is termed

The function of the lens is to

Hearing aids are of no use to an individual with __________ deafness.

Information processed below the normal level of awareness is called

The idea that the amount of change in a stimulus necessary to produce a JND is a constant proportion of the stimulus intensity is called

Neural circuits of many sensory systems

A researcher presents two lights of varying brightness to a subject who is asked to respond "same" or "different" by comparing their intensities. The researcher is seeking the

Seeing out of the corner of your eye, often important in sports activities and driving, is called

Brain cells that analyze incoming sensory information into lines, angles, shading, and movement are called

Which would represent the greatest loss to a professional wine taster or chef?

Photoreceptors are the __________ sensitive cells that line the retina.

Difference thresholds

It is now believed that subliminal advertising

In order for a frog's visual "bug-detector" to work, the bug must be

Subliminal perception

A visual defect known as astigmatism is the result of

Which sensory receptor is found in greatest numbers in the skin?

Frequency is to __________ as amplitude is to __________.

Limen refers to

The process where the lens of the eye changes shape is called

Hearing loss caused when the eardrums or ossicles are damaged by disease or injury is called

The incoming flow of information from our sensory systems is referred to as

What sensory organs responsible for balance are also related to motion sickness?

The cones of the retina

The organ of hearing, where sensitive cells respond to auditory stimuli, is known as the

Myopia is the condition of the eyes in which the person cannot

The iris controls the

Brain cells that analyze incoming sensory information into lines, angles, shading and movement are called

The psychological dimension corresponding to the amplitude of light waves is

Sense receptors are biological transducers, which means that they

Airborne chemical signals which greatly affect mating, sexual behavior, and territorial marking among animals are called

In the eye, focusing is accomplished by

Which theory of hearing explains the perception of higher sounds?

Which theory of color vision is correct?

Visual acuity is best when

Skin mapping indicates that

When an image is stabilized on the retina, after a brief period of time the image

Visual perception is ultimately a function of the

The part of the eye where the optic nerve leaves the eye is called the

The point at which a change in sensory stimulation is detected is called the

Night vision is mainly due to an increase in

The vestibular sense helps keep us from

The minimum amount of energy needed for a sensation to occur is called

The electromagnetic spectrum includes visible light, infrared and ultraviolet light, radio waves, and

Which of the following is a skin sensation?

Taste buds sensitive to sweet substances are found primarily on the __________ of the tongue.

The stimuli for audition are

The __________ theory explains that hearing high or low tones depends upon which area of the cochlea is most strongly stimulated.

Kinesthetic sensation results from

The stapes is attached to a second membrane, or drumhead, called the __________. As this moves back and forth, it makes waves in a fluid within the __________.

The conversion of electromagnetic energy into a neural impulse involves

The three auditory ossicles are the malleus, incus, and the

The amount of change necessary in a given stimulus to produce a just noticeable difference is a constant proportion of the original stimulus. This defines

Sense organs in the joints and muscles contribute to our __________ sense.

Humans respond to different wavelengths of light by experiencing differing

The part of the eye that focuses the image is called the

The scientific term for farsightedness is

Olfaction is another name for the sense of

The three small bones of the inner ear are called the

That humans are not visually sensitive to ultraviolet radiation suggests that sensory systems function as

Which of the following body areas is most sensitive to pain?

Subliminal perception

Taste buds are mainly located

According to Weber's Law, if two light bulbs must go out in a room in which twenty are burning to make the room noticeably dimmer, then a room in which forty are burning will become noticeably dimmer when __________ bulbs go out.

The most widely accepted explanation for motion sickness is provided by

Sensory adaptation refers to a decrease in sensory response that accompanies

In the auditory system, the first anatomical structure to respond to the sound wave is/are the

The ringing sensation following exposure to loud sounds is called

Messages from the body's pain warning system

That you do not hear the traffic outside your psychology class because you are engrossed in the lecture is a good example of

The __________ theory explains how sounds up to 4000 hertz reach the brain.

The final step (within the ear) required to convert vibrations into sound sensations is movement of the

A system is developed where a television camera produces an "image" of touch points applied to the back of a blind person. Such a system involves

When you were in seventh grade, you had to get glasses because you could not see the board at school. Your vision problem is called

A popular theory of olfaction which states that odors are related to the shapes of chemical molecules is the __________ theory.

Which theory of hearing explains the perception of lower sounds?

Film is to camera as __________ is to eye.

New mothers who are emotionally depressed take longer than non-depressed women to recognize pictures related to pregnancy, birth, and babies. This is an example of

One of the characteristics that all sensory systems have in common is

A "silent" dog whistle takes advantage of a characteristic of sensory systems known as

Skin senses, kinesthetic senses, and vestibular senses comprise which sense system?

Melzack and Wall's theory that some pain messages can block other pain messages is called

The theory of color vision which states that the visual system analyzes information into "either-or" messages is the __________ theory.

__________ is concerned with relating changes in physical stimuli to corresponding psychological sensations.

Black and white vision with greatest sensitivity under low levels of illumination describes the function of

The fact that we see negative afterimages supports which theory of color vision?

One of the more touch-sensitive areas of the human body is the

Unpleasant stimuli may raise the threshold for recognition. This phenomenon is called

After a musical concert that you enjoyed without distraction, a companion complains that she heard little of the music due to frequent shuffling and throat-clearing in the audience. The difference in your experience and hers is related to

Sensory adaptation is normally most rapid for the sense of

Visual problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are the result of

The external, or visible, part of the ear is called the

Localization of function means that

The cones of the retina

The sensation you experience ultimately depends on which of the following?

The frequency of a sound determines its

Trichromatic theory states that there are three kinds of __________ in the eye.

The Ishihara test