Motivation and Emotion

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

Gorging on food and then vomiting or taking laxatives to avoid gaining weight is called

You and a friend play three hours of racquetball. Afterwards, you are most likely to prefer

Buford complains that he can play his tuba beautifully at home, but each time he tries to play at the local talent show he sounds like a bull elk in rutting season. His problem is explained by

Which is a cause of anorexia?

At the highest levels of arousal,

According to the Cannon-Bard theory,

People from different cultures can recognize which facial expressions?

You are feeling a lot of fear, the brain site most likely involved is

If the lateral hypothalamus is destroyed, a rat will

Cutting sensory nerves from the stomach, or removing it entirely, causes

Which is TRUE regarding the influence of cultural values on eating behaviors?

Kinesics refers to the study of

Stimulus motives are

The polygraph or "lie detector" primarily measures which component of emotion?

If the ventromedial hypothalamus is destroyed, a rat will

The chief antidote for test anxiety is

Taste aversions are a type of classical conditioning, and if there is a long delay between the CS and US, conditioning is usually prevented. The fact that people and animals can develop taste aversions even though sickness occurs long after eating indicates that

The most universally recognized facial expression is

Intrinsic motivation occurs when

A competitive diver approaches the end of the board with rapidly beating heart and a dry mouth, a result of increased

If a food causes sickness, or simply precedes sickness caused by something else, a learned __________ may result.

The hypothalamus has __________ hunger center(s).

When a polygraph operator asks a subject, "Have you ever lied to your parents?" he or she is using

A person got very sick after eating a cheese danish. It is likely that the person will

Which of the following is the correct sequence for the motivational process?

Push is to pull as __________ is to __________.

The most critical physiological factor controlling hunger is the

Researchers are certain that facial expressions of __________ are recognized by people of all cultures, but they are not so certain that facial expressions of __________ are universal.

The maintenance of steady states of temperature and blood pressure are examples of

The employees at a factory were excellent workers until a week before Christmas when a rumor spread that economic conditions would force the plant to close in four days. The quality and quantity of work took a down turn as the workers spent time discussing among themselves the plausibility of the rumor and what they would do if it were true. Maslow would say that these workers were motivated by

Unlearned biological motives necessary for survival are termed

Which theory of emotion holds the view that bodily changes PRECEDE emotion and that we experience an emotion AFTER our body reacts?

Sensory distortions and disturbed thinking reported by people who have undergone sensory deprivation support the __________ theory of motivation.

In hunger, a set point is

The polygraph's most common error is to

Which of the following is a secondary motive?

What is the correct order of needs in Maslow's hierarchy?

Stimulus motives differ from primary motives in that they

Motivation is the process of initiating, __________, and directing activities of the organism

According to Maslow's theory, the basic needs include

In both males and females, pupil size is related to

The question, "Is your address (person's address)?" asked during the administration of a lie detector test, is a(n) __________ question.

Which theory holds that we are afraid because we run or are angry because we strike?

People who have had their stomachs surgically removed

At the top of Maslow's hierarchy of motives are

If you saw George with his pupils dilated (enlarged), you would most likely assume that he was

If an overweight adult was overfed as a child, as an adult he or she will have __________ fat cells.

Which of the following statements about the sex drive is TRUE?


After an animal is allowed to copulate until it has no further interest, it will resume sexual activity when a new partner is provided. This is called

You are feeling happy and sad at the same time. Research into brain activity would indicate that processing is primarily occurring in

Which theory claims that emotions are organized in the brain and that emotional feelings and bodily expressions occur simultaneously?

In an early experiment by Cannon and Washburn, Washburn swallowed a balloon so that they could measure hunger. Their conclusion was that

The satiety system is to the feeding system as the __________ hypothalamus is to the __________ hypothalamus.

If your body is dehydrated, but you are not thirsty, we would say that you have

Which of the following can alter the body's set point?

A part of the nervous system that prepares the body for emergencies is the __________ division.

A circadian rhythm refers to a cycle

Unlike other drives, pain is characterized by

Which of the following is a characteristic of bulimia nervosa?

The __________ describes the relationship between arousal level, task difficulty, and efficiency of performance.

Which of the following is an assumption of arousal theory?

Secondary motives are

Which of the following is a primary motive?

Electrically stimulating the lateral hypothalamus will cause a rat to

The part of the autonomic nervous system responsible for restoring the body and conserving energy is the

The inverted-U function describes the relationship between

The body structure most closely associated with thirst is the

The most appropriate name for the polygraph is

Extrinsic motivation stems from

Which of the following statements about the sex drive is TRUE?

People with weight problems are more likely to eat when experiencing the emotion of

The need for achievement

Life-threatening weight loss due to self-inflicted starvation is called

The question, "Did you rob the liquor store?" asked during the administration of a lie detector test, is a(n) __________ question.

Which of the following statements about the sex drive is TRUE?