Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

If Jane's intelligence quotient is 100, we know that she has a

__________ involve(s) an ability to manage your own thinking and problem solving.

The intelligence test scores of identical twins are

__________ intelligence tests assess a wide variety of mental abilities.

Which is the most closely related to poverty?

Having 47 chromosomes in each cell instead of 46 is a characteristic of

Which of the following is part of Wechsler's definition of intelligence?

In Binet's test of intelligence, items included at each age level were those which

Which of the following is an approach to measuring reliability?

Which of the following statements concerning the relationship between inspection time and IQ is true?

Terman showed that mentally gifted children

Which of the following is one of Gardner's types of intelligence?

Who would be the best norm group for the ACT or SAT college-entrance tests?

__________ is the capacity for learning certain and specific abilities.

Mental retardation caused by birth injuries or fetal damage is called __________ retardation.

Selective breeding for desirable characteristics is called

It can be argued that standardized testing (such as the SAT) is beneficial because

The fact that fraternal twins are more similar in intelligence than ordinary siblings suggests the importance of

A school curriculum built on Howard Gardner's theory of intelligence would provide

Standardization includes formalizing testing procedures and establishing

Which of the following is a factor that influences success for the gifted?

The person responsible for the development and design of the first useful individual test of intelligence is

The items actually selected for an intelligence test provide a(n) __________ definition of intelligence.

Speed of processing has been measured by which of the following techniques?

The distribution of IQ scores

When the same procedures are used in giving a test to all people, the test has been

The term "g-factor," written about by Neisser, refers to

The best summary statement regarding the role of heredity on human intelligence is that

A psychologist administers an intelligence test to 100 fourth graders. One month later the psychologist returns and readministers the test. The psychologist is probably interested in

Howard Gardner has theorized all of the following types of intelligence EXCEPT

The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale

Which form of retardation can be controlled by a special diet?

Sandra is below normal intelligence but she is able to tell you the exact day of the week of September 13, 1957. She has __________ syndrome.

If one psychologist administers a test simultaneously to several people, it must be a __________ test.

When a person of limited intelligence shows exceptional abilities in art, music, mental arithmetic, or calendar calculations, it is called

IQ may be defined as

A genetically-induced lack of an enzyme that is a cause of a type of mental retardation describes

The average twelve-year-old child has a mental age equal to

Billy has a mental age of 8 and a chronological age of 10. Billy's IQ is

Howard Gardner theorizes that there are __________ different kinds of intelligence.

Cross-cultural studies during the last thirty years show

A large number of people were asked to answer only the odd-numbered questions on a test. Later, they are asked to answer only the even-numbered questions. By comparing each person's two scores, a determination of the test's __________ reliability could be made.

A test is said to be reliable if it

Helena took a(n) __________ test which indicated that she could excel in teaching English as a second language.

Which of the following is another word for reliability?

The correlation of intelligence test scores between identical twins is