Gender and Sexuality

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

In differentiating between the terms sex and gender,

Primary sexual characteristics refer to

Which of the following occurs first developmentally?

Secondary sexual characteristics include

Menarche is to menopause as

A major sign of puberty in women is the onset of menstruation, called

__________ refers to the release of ova (eggs) from the ovaries.

__________ refers to an end to regular monthly menstrual periods.

The gonads are the

The female hormones are called

Androgens are

Male as well as female hormones are secreted by the __________ glands of both sexes.

Which of the following is responsible for the secretion of sex hormones?

Development of male genitals before birth is largely due to the presence of __________ in the male.

There is no structural difference between males and females in the first __________ of prenatal development.

Which of the following statements is FALSE?

When an otherwise female child is born with male genitals because of an over-secretion of androgen, the condition is called the

Which statement is TRUE regarding male-female differences?

Females with prenatal exposure to male hormones are

Which of the following statements concerning gender identity is TRUE?

Compared to women, men

One's personal, private sense of maleness or femaleness is known as

The observable traits, mannerisms, interests, and behaviors defined by one's culture as "male" or "female" are one's

The favored pattern of behavior expected of each sex is called

According to the text, gender identity is usually formed

Given the fact that gender roles are so different culture to culture, we could assume that

Oversimplified assumptions about the nature of men and women are

Learning from one's environment how to act "masculine" or "feminine" is known as

Which dimension of gender would typically be the last to develop?

A person with a strong gender role stereotype would probably make which of the following statements?

Gender role socialization begins at

The tendency for boys to engage in instrumental behaviors and girls to engage in expressive behaviors is evidence for

People who possess the personality traits traditionally called "male" and "female" are called

Human arousal may be triggered by

Gagnon researched the unspoken plans that guide our sexual behavior and called these mental plans

The ultimate erogenous zone in both males and females is/are the

Studies of sexual arousal show that

Maximal sexual activity

For women,

Nocturnal emissions

Reduction in sex drive is most likely to accompany

The effects of sterilization in humans

The contemporary view of masturbation is that it is

Masturbation or self-stimulation in a three-year-old child would be a sign of

Which of the following is TRUE about masturbation?

__________ refers to one's degree of emotional and erotic attraction to members of the same gender, opposite gender, or both genders.

Sexual orientation refers to

Which of the following factors influences sexual orientation?

If one identical twin is homosexual or bisexual, there is a __________ percent chance that the other twin is, too.

There is research that indicates a genetic tendency for homosexuality, which is contributed by the

Simon Levay has found a difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals in

Which of the following statements concerning homosexuality is TRUE?

Psychological testing of homosexuals shows

Homophobia is

The belief that heterosexuality is better or more natural than homosexuality is called

The most objective laboratory research on human sexual response was done by which of the following?

The Masters and Johnson studies differed from earlier studies because they included

The typical order of human sexual response is

The phase of sexual response indicated by initial signs of sexual arousal is the __________ phase.

The second stage of human sexual response is the __________ phase.

In males, a second orgasm is temporarily (or completely) prevented by a

The phase of sexual response involving a return to lower levels of sexual tension and arousal is the __________ phase.

Which of the following statements concerning sexual response is TRUE?

Which belief of Freud's was disproved by Masters and Johnson?

Which of the following are classified as a paraphilia or sexual deviation?

Pedophilia, exhibitionism, voyeurism, and frotteurism are all examples of

Desiring and having sex with children or child molesting is referred to as

Sexually touching and or rubbing against a non-willing person is called

Secretly viewing the genitals of others for sexual gratification is known as

Achieving sexual arousal by wearing clothes of the opposite sex is known as

Which of the following is NOT a sexual disorder

Gaining sexual gratification from inanimate objects is referred to as

The majority of child molesters are

Signs of child molestation include

Behavior that might indicate a child has been molested includes

The pace of the "sexual revolution" has slowed recently largely due to

According to the text, what is happening to the "double standard" regarding acceptable male and female sexual behavior?

Which of the following statements concerning date rape is true?

Rape is

Facts regarding rape include which of the following?

Which of the following describes how AIDS kills its victims?

The spread of the AIDS virus occurs

After becoming infected by the HIV virus, a person can still test negative for HIV for up to

The AIDS virus can be transmitted by

Hypoactive sexual desire is said to exist when

A person who desires sexual activity but does not become sexually aroused is suffering from

Dyspareunia is