Developmental Psychology

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

According to Erikson, a major conflict in the first year of life is that between

ADHD in children is most often treated with the drug

For children with ADHD, the ability to learn is severely limited because they

Lack of bowel control in children is known as

In passive euthanasia

According to Erikson, failure to resolve the tasks of middle adulthood leads to a sense of __________ involving a concern for one's own needs and comforts only.

A common mistake made by many concerned parents is likely to be

According to __________, we face a specific psychosocial dilemma at each stage of life.

A driver's license or a wedding ring are what Elkind calls

From the perspective of the life-span psychologist, life stages are important because

Lawrence Kohlberg is known for his research in the area of __________ development.

Identification with peer groups

Stuttering is considered a

A failure to develop a consistent identity results in

According to Kübler-Ross, the most common order of emotional reactions in preparing for death is

One recommended way for parents to handle problems of occasional bed wetting in children is to

Grief refers to

Initiative and independence are fostered by

Generativity refers to

Vocabulary and stored knowledge

Teachers, peers, and adults outside the home become important in shaping attitudes toward oneself in Erikson's stage of

Which of the following is one of the common life stages?

The menopause and climacteric are to aging as

Mutism, self-destructive behavior, and echolalia are symptoms of

Conforming to the expectations of others or to socially accepted rules and values describes a person at the __________ level of morality.

Lack of bladder control is called

In the __________ level of moral development, moral choices are determined by the direct consequences of actions.


With aging there is a decline of __________ intelligence, but not of __________ intelligence.

Which of the following is not characteristic of childhood autism?

If her parents encourage little Tanya to ask questions, to use her imagination, and give her the freedom to choose some activities, according to Erikson, they are encouraging

The first emotional reaction to impending death is usually

According to Gould, a "crisis of urgency" and the "attainment of stability" are characteristic of

Kohlberg identified the three levels of moral development as the

Girls who mature early are more likely

Hyperactivity is a serious childhood problem because

A child who is just starting school, trying to learn good habits and to do well, is in Erikson's stage of development called

The fastest growing group in American society is represented by

From the perspective of Erik Erikson, life stages are important because

According to Gould, a "crisis of questions, " where an individual ponders the meaning of life, occurs during

As children begin their elementary school years, they enter Erikson's stage of

The single most important thing you might do for a dying person is to

Which pairings of stages from Erikson, Gould, and Levinson are comparable?

The onset of puberty for boys is between __________ years; for girls it is between __________ years of age.

Some children go through a period of intense appetite when they eat or chew on all sorts of inedible substances. This is called

Elizabeth Kübler-Ross is known for her research in the area of

Using a story such as The Porcupine and the Moles, Gilligan was able to demonstrate that

Discrimination or prejudice on the basis of age is called

Which of the following is an example of ageism?

Conformity to peer values often

Kohlberg studied moral development by

A successful alternative to drug treatment for hyperactivity is

A toddler learning to use the toilet who sometimes feels bad when he or she "messes up" is at Erikson's stage called

Bereavement refers to

If you are a young adult, you are interested in developing

A mother who complains that her son clings to her constantly and cries and complains when she is gone should be advised that

Which of the following is the longest stage of grieving for most people?

Overeating in children

Initiative and independence are fostered by

According to Erikson, a child entering adolescence can expect major developmental task demands to center around the need to

The stated purpose of cryonic suspension is to

A frequently used treatment for ADHD is

I am in my late forties. If I do not reach out to others, especially to young people, Erikson says I will experience

Behavior directed by self-accepted moral principles represents the __________ level of moral development.

Which of the following is a myth about aging?

A specialist in death and dying, or one who studies death, is referred to as a