Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

You are daydreaming in the middle of a lecture. Are you actually thinking?

Computer programs capable of doing things that require intelligence when done by people are associated with

__________ is the study of the meaning of words and language.

Representations used in thinking include

Basic speech sounds are called

A solution that correctly states the requirements for success in solving a problem but not in sufficient detail for further action is called a(n) __________ solution.

Fluency, flexibility, and originality would be most characteristic of which type of thought?

What type of concept is "uncle"?

The inability to see new uses for familiar objects is termed

A person who is concerned about health, but who continues to smoke cigarettes, is making an error in judgment called

Language is termed productive if it

Which of the following is usually associated with creativity?

A truck gets stuck under a bridge. Several tow-trucks are unable to pull it out. At last a little boy walks up and asks the red-faced adults trying to free the truck why they haven't let the air out of the truck's tires. Their oversight was due to

Heuristics are problem solving strategies which

Characterisitics of creativity include

A perceptual set that causes one to become hung up on wrong solutions or remain blind to alternatives is called

If 98 out of 100 people respond "Golden Retriever" when asked to name what dog best represents the concept "dog," then a golden retriever would be called a

The rules for ordering words in sentences are called

The solution to arithmetic problems requires

A person would have the LEAST difficulty in classifying __________ as a tree or shrub.

A student who takes a multiple-choice test by reading the stem of each item, generating the correct response before looking at the choices, and then choosing the response closest to the answer is using

In baseball, an "out" is a

The stage of creative thought during which problem solving proceeds at a subconscious level is the __________ stage.

A person is asked to decide on a major in school; another is asked to decide on a career. We may say that the different answers they give to broad and specific questions are because of

The correlation between IQ and creativity is

Oversimplified concepts of groups of people are referred to as

Thought that is intuitive, haphazard, or personal is termed

__________ are the smallest meaningful units of speech.

The ability to speak two languages is referred to as

The two most basic units of speech are

Words or ideas representing a class of objects are called

Psychologist Wolfgang Köhler believed that the solution of a multiple-stick problem in chimpanzees revealed

"Anti" is an example of

Normal problem solving is likely to use

A detailed, practical, and workable solution to a problem is called a(n) __________ solution.

The fact that "Dog bites man" has a very different meaning from "Man bites dog" demonstrates the importance of

If you wanted to enhance creativity, you would want to

Drawing conclusions on the basis of formal principles of reasoning is termed

Thought that involves going from general principles to specific situations is called __________ reasoning.

A rigid mental set can be a barrier to problem solving. Which of the following refers to a similar barrier to problem solving?

American Sign Language is

The term "cognition" includes

A tendency to select wrong answers because they seem to match pre-existing mental categories is called

A set of rules for structuring sentences is called

The study of the meaning of words is important because

Which of the following is TRUE about animal communication?

A concept referring to an object having at least one of a number of features is a __________ concept.

Going from general principles to specific situations is called

Fluency, flexibility, and originality are characteristic of which type of thought?

The way a question is stated before problem solving begins is known as

Concept formation refers to

__________ thinking goes from specific facts to general principles.

If you translated "Pepsi is for the younger generation" into Spanish and the translation reads "Pepsi reverses aging," you have a problem with

The rules that determine how words in a language can be put together to make sentences are called

Classifying things as absolutely right or wrong typifies

According to Chomsky, we are able to express ideas in a variety of ways by applying __________ rules.