1997 AP Psychology Free-Response

1997 AP Psychology Free-Response Questions

Directions: You have 50 minutes to answer BOTH of the following questions.  It is not enough to answer a question by merely listing facts.  You should present a cogent argument based on your critical analysis of the question posed.

  1. Many people are concerned about the effects of the use of physical punishment to modify the undesirable behavior of children.
    1. Basing your answer on psychological knowledge, apply each of the following in an argument against the use of physical punishment.

·        Modeling

·        Classical conditioning of fear

·        Displacement

    1. How would psychologists use the following processes to modify children’s undesirable behavior?

·        Positive reinforcement

·        Extinction

  1. Although personality is generally consistent throughout the life span, some people exhibit major personality changes.
    1. How do each of the following help explain BOTH continuity and change in personality?

·        Biological factors

·        Learning factors

·        Situational factors

·        Cognitive factors

    1. How would any TWO of the above interact to produce change in the trait of shyness?