1995 AP Psychology Free-Response

1995 AP Psychology Free-Response Questions

Directions: You have 50 minutes to answer BOTH of the following questions.  It is not enough to answer a question by merely listing facts.  You should present a cogent argument based on your critical analysis of the question posed.

Question 1 Compare and contrast the experimental method and the survey method in terms of their suitability for investigating the hypothesis that frustration leads to aggressive behavior.
In comparing and contrasting the two methods, be sure to identify and discuss each of the following.
    1. Independent variable
    2. Dependent variable
    3. Control
    4. Experimenter and response bias
    5. Ethical issues
Question 2 Define each of the following concepts and explain how each contributes to the phenomenon of prejudice.
    1. Stereotyping
    2. Self-fulfilling prophecy
    3. Fundamental attribution error
    4. Projection
    5. Schema