Biological School/Perspective of

Biological School/Perspective of Psychology

Some students say this school is the most difficult part of the whole course.  It may have alot of material, but at its core, it is the most simple. 

The Biological Perspective views all behavior as a product of the body. 

In other words, your emotions come from either 1. neurotransmitters (natural chemicals in our body that help us feel), 2. the brain or 3. our body chemistry (our glucose levels, diet etc…). 

For example, if a person is suffering from depression, a psychologist from the biological school would examine the body to see what physiological grounds exists that is causing the depression.  There you go- that is the introduction…that is enough for today.

The Nervous System
Introduction to the Brain
Anatomy of the Brain
The Cerebral Cortex
Endocrine System
Introduction to Sensation
The Other Senses
Biological Therapies